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Service and Pricing

Bicycle-Heaven's mission is to provide the San Antonio cycling population with the highest level of service and product selection available in our industry.  Each one of our staff rides and therefore is fully capable of answering any questions that you may have. Our services include: routine service to major overhauls, basic fitting services and pro race fitting, group rides for beginners and advanced riders, maintenance clinics, monthly newsletters.

Bike Sizing and Fits 
Standard Bike Sizing $50
Tri/TT Bike Sizing  $75
Body Geometry Fit $250
Bike Builds 
PRO Road Build
  • Hydraulic Brake +$75
  • Electronic Drivetrain +$75
PRO Mountain Build
  • Electronic Drivetrain +$75
PRO Tri Build
  • Hydraulic Brakes +$75
  • Electronic Drivetrain +$50
New Bike In A Box
  • BMX Bikes - $50
  • Tandem Bikes - $110
Standard Tune
  • Includes: front/rear derailleur adjustments, Brake adjustments, frame wipe down, and wheel true.  We will also porperly torque all the bolts, lube the chain and cables, inflate tires, and inspect all of the components for wear.
Deluxe Tune
  • Includes the Standard Tune plus, a thorough frame/wheel clean, and full drivetrain clean/de-greasing.  
Tune-Up Labor add-ons 
Tube/Tire install $5
External Cable/housing install (per cable run)
Internal Cable/housing install (per cable run) $15*
Hydraulic Brake Bleed $30
Chain install $5
** Starting price, may vary depending on specific bike.